Recent research findings by postdoctoral associate, Bobwealth Omentese, DVD, PhD and team on the relationship between hoof lesions, behavior, productivity, and fertility in Jersey dairy cows. 

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Dr. John Fetrow DVM, Professor Emeritus was the visionary force behind the creation of the Dairy Education Center. Center re-dedicated John Fetrow Dairy Education Center on 4/10/19.

Gary Neubauer, ’78 DVM, is honored with the Dairy Appreciation Award for efforts to advance the dairy industry and veterinary education.

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Tail Trimming Tutorial demonstrates how to reduce dirt and fecal material around the udder of the cow. Dr. Gerard Cramer demonstrates three quick and effective methods for tail trimming in this short video.

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Videos with Spanish Translation! Dr. Gerard Cramer explains and demonstrates hoof trimming with knives and grinder -Three videos in all.

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UMN CVM dairyKNOW is an online resource for dairy producers, veterinarians and veterinary students, and other dairy industry professionals who want to “KNOW it all” about dairy production medicine and dairy best practices.


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