Stockmanship Field Day

The program will feature a guided tour of the dairy and a presentation on stockmanship practices for dairy farms.  To attend please rsvp by clicking the button below. 


Veterinary- Client- Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Forms now available for download to assist in the VCPR process.

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Zweber Family Receives 2016 MN Dairy Appreciation Award -   May 20, 2016

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Tail Trimming Tutorial

To reduce dirt and fecal material around the udder of the cow, Dr. Gerard Cramer demonstrates three quick and effective methods for tail trimming in this short video.

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MN Dairy Quality Cares Program

Check out this site for dairy producers, veterinarians and other dairy advisors who want a team approach to quality animal care and food production

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Video Series Released - Nov. 2015

Five short videos on Stockmanship Principles created in conjunction with UMASH as an educational resource

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UMN CVM dairyKNOW is an online resource for dairy producers, veterinarians and veterinary students, and other dairy industry professionals who want to “KNOW it all” about dairy production medicine and dairy best practices.


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