Evaluating the relationship between hyperketonemia and lameness in MN dairy herds.


Team: Cramer, G., Engres, M., Wynands, E.

Funding Source: Rapid Agricultural Response Fund MN Agricultural Experiment Station

Project Time Frame: 2016-2017

The goal of this project is to determine the role of negative energy balance in the development of hoof lesions in Minnesota dairy herds. Specific objectives of the project are: 1. Determine the relationship between beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) status of cows postcalving and hoof lesions and lameness in the first 100-150 days in milk. a. Hypothesis: Cows with BHB levels above 1.1 mmol/l will be at a higher risk of hoof lesions/lameness in the first 100-150 days in milk. 2. At a pilot level, evaluate the association between herd level BHB status and hoof lesions/lameness incidence, adjusting for various confounding factors. Specific confounders of interest are hoof trimming technique and standing time.